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LaMancha Dairy Goats

We have recently rebuilt our LaMancha Dairy goat herd with new genetics and are excited to again be offering pure bred LaMancha dairy goats in spring 2018!

The LaMancha breed originated in the U.S.A and is easily recognizable due to their very small ears called "gopher ears" or "elf ears". These small ears are a natural breed characteristic and nothing is physically done to the goats to achieve this look. 

LaManchas are considered a medium large breed which can come in all colors and are well known for their feisty but manageable personalities. They are a hardy breed of dairy goat and can produce high quantities of milk while browsing on weeds and brush. They are known to produce milk with a high percentage of butterfat which makes them a great goat for those looking to produce goat cheese. 

Meet our LaManchas
Fantasy Magic Mojito
Our milking herd consists of our three registered does. Fantasy is our oldest and is our highest milk producer, her kids are also heavy producers who carry on her hardiness and longevity. Magic and Mojito are new to our herd. Magic the black and white is a large sturdy build goat with a striking appearance, she is show quality and produces kids that embody all the characteristics of the Lamancha breed. Magic the black  doe has a slightly smaller build and a beautiful udder she is also a show quality Lamancha.

New Zealand Kiko Goats

Several years ago we decided to add New Zealand Kiko genetics to our goat herd because of a local interest in chevon (goat meat) and our desire to raise a herd of mostly self-sufficient goats. We have been highly impressed with Kiko breed. Kikos thrive on low quality browse, have a great resistance to parasites, produce hardy kids and achieve a rapid growth rate.

The Kiko LaMancha cross is a great addition to any goat herd. The crosses are sturdy goats with great mothering instincts more then adequate milk production and a strong instinct for browsing. They are ideal for land clearing and low input herds as they require little added grain to grow and maintain weight. They are stock medium sized goats which makes them an excellent size to be pets as they are not small enough to be easily injured and are not too big to knock over children. 

Currently Available....
All our 2018 kids have sold! We are planning on pure bred lamancha kids as well as lamancha x kiko crosses in the spring of 2019. Contact us to get on our list.

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Meet our Kiko Buck
Our group of does and pure LaMancha kids from 2018