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Our Cattle
Beef cattle have been raised on our farm for over 15 years. Throughout the years we have experimented with many different breeds to raise a herd with a rapid growth rate on grass alone and to easily weather the cold winters and hot summers. Our current herd consists of Herefords, Belted Galloway and Angus purebreds and crosses. The Herefords provide great mothering instincts and calving ease, the Angus provide some rapid growth and marbling in the beef and the Belted Galloways, a heritage breed, provide the hardiness to thrive on a 100% grass fed diet and ability to easily survive the fluctuating New England temperatures. We are currently running a Hereford bull with our herd and will have purebred Hereford calves as well as crosses Spring 2018. 

Feeder Steers
We typically calve out 4 to 6 cows a year which is more calves then we need so we offer feeder steers for sale every fall. All our extra calves have been sold for the 2017 season.

Grass-Fed Beef
Our freezer is currently stocked with our grass fed beef! We offer 10 lb beef packages for $100. These packages come with a mix of cuts including ground, stew, steaks and roasts. 
Grass-Fed Beef 
Belted Galloway
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Proven three year old purebred Hereford bull available for purchase!
Pricing and additional photos available upon request